Peaceful resolution reached in Kelsey Grammer’s custody dispute

| Sep 24, 2019 | Family Law And Divorce

For many in Sioux Falls, the completion of their divorce proceedings marks the end of their associations with their ex-spouses. Yet in reality, those relationships will often continue (albeit in a different form). In fact, a divorced couple may continue to be linked to each other for years if they share children together. That bond not only requires that they continue to associate with each other, but also that they work together in the parenting of their kids. In many cases, co-parenting can be done successfully, yet in others, the bitterness stemming from a divorce can continue to manifest itself through constant child custody and support disputes. 

The case of actor Kelsey Grammer serves as an example of this. Grammer and his ex-wife divorced in 2010, yet the couple has continued to battle in the years since over the parenting of their two children. Their disputes have been bad enough that their kids recognize that they two do not speak to each other. Yet recent events could signal a change in their co-parenting struggles. The couple was recently able to avoid court and amicably resolve the issue of their daughter’s private schooling, with the two agreeing to split the cost of her tuition equally while Grammer will cover all remaining school-related expenses himself. 

Despite the bumps in the road that this couple has experienced, their story may serve as an example of how a divorced couple’s treatment of each other can change over time (given the opportunity). Overcoming strong personal feelings towards an ex-spouse may not be easy, yet an experienced family law attorney can be a valuable source of assistance in this regard.