Implementing an employment contract to encourage accountability

| Oct 28, 2019 | Business Law

Because committed and loyal employees are the heart and soul of all successful businesses in South Dakota, it is critical that business leaders understand which tactics are most effective in recruiting, training and retaining top talent. The retention piece can be uniquely challenging in that employers must consistently provide feedback and encouragement to keep employees motivated. 

One resource that companies can use to enforce the level of commitment they expect from the people that work for them is an employment contract. While many people may misunderstand the purpose of such agreements and think they are only beneficial for companies, they can be equally as important for the security of the workers in that company. According to Bizfluent, companies can include clauses to obligate their employees to keep sensitive information confidential. At the same time, contracts can provide information for employees so they are aware of their rights as a worker. 

The Harvard Business Review suggests some helpful ways that companies can hold their employees accountable for performing their best work. Some of their suggestions include that employers do the following: 

  • Provide an accurate, proven and understandable way for employees to measure their progress and success. 
  • Give information about job requirements that enable employees to have a clear picture of their responsibilities and what is expected of them, as well as what skills are needed to be effective. 
  • Create protocols for required behavior and the consequences that will be given to employees who fail to abide by the rules created for them. 

Employers should also be forthright in providing helpful feedback for their employees that will allow them to recognize their strengths and what they can be doing differently to improve their work ethic and the quality of work.