Farmers: America’s real backbone

| Jan 8, 2021 | Business Law

You have probably heard people say that small businesses are the backbone of America. This is a common saying that often comes up when people are discussing the growth of mega-corporations that often put these small businesses in jeopardy. And there is a lot of truth to it: Small businesses are incredibly important and have played a massive role in the U.S. economy since it began. 

However, it’s easy to argue that there is a subset of small business owners who really make up the backbone of America: Farmers. 

22 million farms are a huge source of America’s strength

Farms are incredibly common. Some reports have noted that there are over 22 million of them in the United States. Some are huge operations with thousands of acres; others are traditional family-owned farms. 

The value of farming is stability. When a new area is being developed or a new country is being settled, job No. 1 is to create a stable way to feed the population. Only after that has happened can people worry about other industries, education, arts, leisure time and much more. Farms come first, and they hold up the entire system. 

The United States is the perfect location for this robust farming industry. Though there are highly-populated cities, the U.S. also has a lot of open land and raw materials. Farming produces a variety of food items for both the local population and for export. All U.S. citizens owe farmers their gratitude. 

Starting a farm takes careful planning and a lot of work

If you’re interested in joining this industry by starting your own farming operation, be sure you know what legal steps to take to best protect your business and your future. Not all farms operate the same way, and understanding the legal requirements when it comes to setting up your farm’s business structure can be difficult without experienced guidance. An attorney here in Souix Falls, SD, can help.