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Implementing an employment contract to encourage accountability

Because committed and loyal employees are the heart and soul of all successful businesses in South Dakota, it is critical that business leaders understand which tactics are most effective in recruiting, training and retaining top talent. The retention piece can be uniquely challenging in that employers must consistently provide feedback and encouragement to keep employees motivated. 

How can I identify a potentially bad client?

Whether you're a writer or graphic designer, one of the best aspects of freelancing is that you get to choose projects at your own discretion. This can land you in trouble, however, as not all clients are worth your time. In fact, some clients may even cause more problems than they're worth, which can lead to issues with invoicing or claims that you didn't live up to the terms of your contract. To protect you and your business, Forbes offers the following tips on how to spot a bad client, and what to do you if you find yourself in a dispute. 

How are businesses valued when being sold?

Even if you don't plan on selling your business any time soon, it still helps to know its value. When retirement finally comes, you want to ensure you're getting the best value for your business's worth. There are actually three different valuation methods you can use, each of which may uncover some illuminating information. The Balance explains the different ways that a business's value can be determined. 

How can I find a reliable business partner?

Choosing a business partner is a major decision that will have lasting consequences. If you make this decision wisely, your business has a great opportunity to grow and expand beyond your wildest dreams. However, if you make the wrong choice you might find yourself faced with a lot of unnecessary obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. If you're thinking about taking on a business partner, The Balance recommends the following steps. 

Farming is a business that takes research and commitment

You are at a point in your life where you are ready to start something new. You've given your future a lot of thought. You have considered your passions. You know what makes you happy. At the top of your list is starting your own business. Not just any business, though. You want to start a farm. Humans have always relied on the art of farming. The agricultural industry is important and pertinent to our existence. The process of growing and raising nutrients that will nurture our bodies seems gratifying.

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