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Protecting Your Interests In Business Disputes

At The Krause Law Firm, we handle a broad range of business disputes for clients in Sioux Falls and throughout South Dakota. Our attorneys are experienced in a range of dispute resolution options, including mediation. We are adept at guiding disputing parties toward cost-effective agreements, but always prepared for traditional litigation when it best serves a client’s interests.

Trusted Representation For Any Type Of Business Dispute

We handle all types of business litigation, including:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Employment litigation

A business dispute can prove costly and disruptive if not properly handled. We employ a practical approach to litigation that always keeps our clients’ bottom-line concerns in the forefront.

We Understand The Business World

We develop close relationships with our business law clients. With an in-depth understanding of your business, we can tailor a litigation strategy that supports your short- and long-term goals. Our clients expect swift, cost-effective resolutions and that is what we routinely deliver.

Business litigation is just one aspect of our corporate law practice. We can provide you with advice and counsel designed to avoid disputes and other liabilities whenever possible, and guide you to the most favorable possible resolution when they do arise.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to business litigation. We will tailor a strategy to suit the unique needs of your business. To arrange your confidential consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact our law offices online or by telephone at .