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Resolving Probate Disputes

Of all the challenges that arise during the probate process, disputes between interested parties are often the most difficult to resolve.

At The Krause Law Firm in Sioux Falls, we have extensive experience handling probate litigation for clients in Sioux Falls and throughout South Dakota. We also represent people from out of state with legal matters pending in local jurisdictions.

Full-Service Probate Litigation Law Firm

Our attorneys are prepared to guide you through any probate dispute, including those involving:

  • Disagreements between heirs and executors
  • Challenges to the validity of a will
  • Claims of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Claims of undue influence
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Trust disputes

Our approach to resolving probate disputes is collaborative and cost-effective. We strive to help disputing parties find common ground, whenever possible, to avoid costly and destructive legal battles. This is especially important when disputes arise among family members.

We understand, however, that the other party is not always willing to be reasonable. We are always prepared for aggressive litigation when necessary.

Talk With An Experienced Probate Litigation Lawyer

A probate dispute is a complex legal matter. We understand that you may not know how to proceed. You may have questions about your rights and the probate process in South Dakota.

Our attorneys are here to discuss your probate litigation matter in a relaxed and confidential setting. The decisions are yours. We are here to give you the knowledgeable counsel you need to make the right decisions going forward. To arrange your initial consultation, please contact our law offices online or by telephone at .