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Experienced Lawyers For Will And Trust Contests

Will and trust contests can cause turmoil within the family, lead to costly legal battles and upend the fulfillment of a passed loved one’s wishes. With skilled legal guidance, however, it is often possible to overcome such conflicts in an amicable and cost-effective manner.

At The Krause Law Firm in Sioux Falls, we have significant experience protecting our clients’ interests in will and trust contests and other estate litigation. We focus on collaborative methods to resolve such disputes, but are always prepared for traditional litigation when it is the best means of serving our clients’ interests.

Are You Engaged In A Will Or Trust Dispute?

Will and trust contests typically arise when a potential heir feels he or she got too little (or nothing at all) in terms of an inheritance. For a will or trust contest to be successful, it must be based on strong legal ground, not simply personal disappointment in an inheritance. Will and trust contests are often based on one or more of the following objections:

  • The person who created the will or trust lacked the mental capacity to make sound decisions at the time the documents were signed
  • Another party exerted undue influence upon the person who created the will or trust
  • The will or trust does not meet statutory requirements

If you are engaged in a will contest in South Dakota, the attorneys at The Krause Law Firm are here to protect your rights and interests. We have extensive experience handling probate litigation for clients in Sioux Falls and throughout the state.

Talk With A Lawyer About Your Legal Dispute

If you are engaged in a will or trust contest in South Dakota, our attorneys are here to help you understand your rights and options. To arrange your initial consultation, please contact our law offices online or by telephone at .