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Knowledgeable Real Estate Law Guidance

At Krause Law Firm, we offer comprehensive representation for both residential and commercial real estate matters. We will work to protect your interests from start to finish of your project. We are experienced in large-scale projects and can help clients with a variety of legal affairs, including:

  • Buying, selling and leasing
  • Drafting contracts designed to protect both parties’ interests
  • Guidance for financing
  • Alternative dispute resolution and litigation

It is common to see real estate buyers seek legal representation only once a lawsuit has been filed against them. A successful real estate attorney can offer much more than just courtroom representation. Our attorneys provide guidance throughout the life span of a project to protect clients from legal actions now and into the future.

Experienced Dispute Resolution Representatives

It is our goal to provide detailed guidance to avoid real estate disputes. After over a decade, Krause Law Firm has helped several clients prevent costly litigation. Unfortunately, some disputes are unavoidable in the real estate business. Our experienced team of attorneys can provide collaborative guidance through disputes.

We focus on mediated dispute resolution methods to help you resolve legal issues faster and at less cost. We work to calm escalated legal disputes to find solutions that can benefit both parties. Our lawyers are also highly experienced litigators. When mediation is not an option, our professional trial attorneys are ready to advocate on your behalf in court.

Schedule An Appointment To Discuss Your Project Needs

Our attorneys provide full project management assistance for real estate matters. Schedule a consultation to discuss the scope and goals of your project. Our attorneys can help you draft a plan and get started right away. Call our office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at or fill out our online contact form.